This site aims to create motivate of learning for everybody. What gives everyone, especially kids, the drive to do things? Of Couse, it’s the prospect of succeeding or at least improving so you can succeed. The more kids feel competent and confident at a task, the more likely they are to enjoy all learning activities and want to get better at it. We know well that Success builds motivation, which leads to more success. And that is why this website has been created.

At the same time, kids with learning and attention difficulties typically experience more setbacks than their friends. They will probably face more challenges. And improvement and success may come more a bit slowly or less frequently despite hard work. This might take a toll on motivation.

If your child studies for a quiz and still doesn’t do well, she might be motivated to try harder and do better next time. But if she keeps doing poorly, she may start to think, “Why bother studying for the next test? It’s not going to make a difference.”

Learning by playing with fun is the best answer for all kids’ learning problems.

Over time, she may start to anticipate a negative outcome with anything she does. That can cause her to give up really easily, does not want to try her best and avoid challenges altogether.
But if she finds the motivation to try yet again, she can persevere. She might be willing to stick with it even if she doesn’t have positive experiences at first. And that can build resilience.Vector Smart Object-7
To the nurture kids’ curiosity, we use the child’s own interests and ideas to create activities that foster curiosity. This means that we have plenty of learning activities for kids to choose. Even surprise events like finding a butterfly on the playground can be used as an exciting opportunity to learn and be curious. But these happens everywhere anytime just with your mobile. It is 24 hours learning games for kids.

Preschool-aged children have highly active imaginations and use make-believe to learn and play. We use the line between reality and make-believe to fuel engagement and curiosity. And we assure you that kids will have highly improvement is almost all skills.